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Version: 2.0-deprecated

Module: Viewport

An extension can register a Viewport Module by defining a getViewportModule method that returns a React component. Currently, we use viewport components to add support for:

  • 2D Medical Image Viewing (cornerstone ext.)
  • Structured Reports as HTML (dicom html ext.)
  • Encapsulated PDFs as PDFs (dicom pdf ext.)
  • Whole Slide Microscopy Viewing (whole slide ext.)
  • etc.

The general pattern is, the sopClassHandlerModule helps us determine which Viewport Component a set of sopClassUIDs should default to. The Viewport Component receives props containing a display set it should know how to render.

Viewport Component Props

Each ViewportComponent will receive the following props:

viewportDataobjectviewportSpecificData (probably)


Viewport components are managed by the ViewportGrid Component. Which Viewport component is used depends on:

  • The Layout Configuration
  • Registered SopClassHandlers
  • The SopClassUID for visible/selected datasets

Cornerstone Viewport

An example of three cornerstone Viewports