I would like to contribute code - how do I do this?

Fork the repository, make your change and submit a pull request.

  • The OHIF Viewer consists of code from three different repositories. Make sure your change is modifying the appropriate one:
    • ohif-core: Business Logic
    • react-viewerbase: Reusable React Component Library
    • Viewers: The glue, PWA, and primary extension point
  • At a minimum, you may want to read the following documentation:

When changes impact multiple repositories

This is a particularly tricky scenario. We don't want to publish code in one repository, just so we can test and complete the other half of its requirements in another. Thankfully, there are a couple of ways you can test unpublished dependent changes locally before publishing:

For example if you are working on ohif-core and would like to use your local version to debug a problem in Viewers, simply run yarn link inside of the ohif-core project.

  • If you're experiencing issues with yarn link, try yalc

Yalc provides an improved workflow as we add more and more dependent packages that are "in-progress". This comes into play as we begin working on extensions and their dependencies.

// Install yalc for the first time
yarn global add yalc

// EXAMPLE: using an in-development version of ohif-core w/ Viewers locally
// 1. Navigate to ohif-core's project root
yarn install
yalc publish

// 2. Run the following after each change to ohif-core
yarn build
yalc push .

// 3. Use the local package in our Viewers project. Navigate to the Viewers
//    Project root.
yarn install
yalc add ohif-core
yarn run dev

Any guidance on submitting changes?

While we do appreciate code contributions, triaging and integrating contributed code changes can be very time consuming. Please consider the following tips when working on your pull requests:

  • Functionality is appropriate for the repository. Consider creating a GitHub issue to discuss your suggested changes.
  • The scope of the pull request is not too large. Please consider separate pull requests for each feature as big pull requests are very time consuming to understand.

We will provide feedback on your pull requests as soon as possible. Following the tips above will help ensure your changes are reviewed.

Testing contribution pull requests

OHIF uses netlify so that pull requests are autogenerated and available for testing.

For example, this url allows you to test pull request 237, the request that created this FAQ entry, using data pulled from Amazon S3.

Replacing the number 237 in the link below with your pull request number should let you test it as well and you can use this link for discussions on github without requiring reviewers to download and build your branch.

If you have made a documentation change, a link like this will let you preview the gitbook generated by the pull request:

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