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Version: 3.8.0-beta.56 (Latest)

Video Tutorials

Creating, Linking and Publishing OHIF Modes and Extensions

The OHIF CLI facilitates the creation, linkage and publication of OHIF modes and extensions. The videos below walk through how to use the CLI for

  • creating modes and extensions
  • linking local modes and extensions
  • publishing modes and extensions to NPM
  • adding published modes and extensions to OHIF
  • submitting a mode to OHIF

The videos build on top of one another whereby the mode and extension created in each of the first two videos are published to NPM and then the published entities are added to OHIF.

Creating and Linking a Mode

The first video demonstrates the creation and linkage of a mode.

Creating and Linking an Extension

The second video creates and links an extension. The mode from the first video is modified to reference the extension.

Publishing an Extension to NPM

The third video shows how the extension created in the second video can be published to NPM.

Publishing a Mode to NPM

The fourth video shows how the mode created in the first video can be published to NPM.

Adding a Mode from NPM

The fifth video adds the mode and extension published in NPM to OHIF. Note that since the mode references the extension both are added with one CLI command.

Submitting a Mode to OHIF

The sixth video demonstrates how a mode can be submitted to OHIF to have it appear in OHIF's mode gallery.