Lesion Tracker - User Accounts

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LesionTracker requires authentication to access the viewer. If you are already a registered user, enter Your Email and Password and click Sign In


Register An Account

If you are a new user, click Need An Account and fill the all fields and click Join Now

Need Account

Note: There is a Test Drive button on the top-right of Login page. Test Drive is used to skip registration process and allows to use LesionTracker with a test account. This will be removed in the next versions.

Forgot Password

To reset the password, enter Your Email and click Send Reminder. An email that includes a link to reset your password will be sent to your email address.

Forgot Password

Change Password

To change password:

  1. Click Configuration menu icon at the top-right of the workspace then select Change Password
  2. Enter your password and click Change Password

Change Password


To logout, click Logout on the Configuration menu.


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