Standalone Viewer

Quick Start

Install dependencies:

meteor npm install

Run the application:

METEOR_PACKAGE_DIRS="../../Packages" ROOT_URL=http://localhost:3000 meteor

Open your web browser and navigate to one of the following URLs to test the standalone viewer application:


Or, to load DICOMs:


To Build for the Client

It is possible to build this standalone viewer to run as a client-only bundle of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

  1. First, install meteor-build-client-fixed2.

    sudo npm install -g meteor-build-client-fixed2
  2. Next, build the client bundle into an output folder ("myOutputFolder") with a base URL ("localhost:3000"). In production, this would be the URL where the Viewer is available.

    METEOR_PACKAGE_DIRS="../../Packages" meteor-build-client-fixed2 ../myOutputFolder -u localhost:3000 --legacy
  3. Test the bundled client-side package locally.

    Note: You will need to have Python installed to run the test server for this case. It is not a typical simple HTTP server. The bundled script redirects all URLs following the base URL to index.html. It will then use the routes defined in your application to handle the URL parameters.

    In our case, this means it will request a JSON file at baseURL/api/[id parameter].

    So if you navigate to http://localhost:3000/sampleJPEG.json the application will retrieve the JSON from http://localhost:3000/api/sampleJPEG.json and use it to populate the viewer. If something appears to be broken, make sure you retrieve a JSON file at the /api URL.

    Create the api folder for your data

    cd myOutputFolder
    mkdir api

    Copy your data into the folder

    cp ../etc/sample* api/

    Run the server

    python ../etc/

    Open your web browser and navigate to http://localhost:3000/sampleJPEG.json or http://localhost:3000/sampleDICOM.json

    Authorization Header

    A token fragment parameter can be specified. If present this value will be used for http bearer authorization when making requests for the above JSON, and when retrieving images using the Cornerstone Image Loaders.

    Example :


Testing the Sample client-only build

For the sake of simplicity we have also included a pre-built client-only version of the standalone viewer, which can be found in the SampleClientOnlyBuild folder.

You can test this with:

  cd SampleClientOnlyBuild
  python ../etc/

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