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Version: 3.9.0-beta.62 (Latest)

Migration Guide

React 18 Migration Guide

As we upgrade to React 18, we're making some exciting changes to improve performance and developer experience. This guide will help you navigate the key updates and ensure your custom extensions and modes are compatible with the new version. What's Changing?

- React 17
- Using `defaultProps`
- `babel-inline-svg` for SVG imports

Run newer yarn version

You must be running a newer yarn version for react 18. It isn't clear the exact yarn required.

Update React version:

In your custom extensions and modes, change the version of react and react-dom to ^18.3.1.

Replace defaultProps with default parameters:

const MyComponent = ({ prop1, prop2 }) => {
return <div>{prop1} {prop2}</div>

MyComponent.defaultProps = {
prop1: 'default value',
prop2: 'default value'

Update SVG imports:

import arrowDown from './../../assets/icons/arrow-down.svg';


The panel in the default extension is renamed from measure to measurements to be more consistent with the rest of the extensions.

Action Needed

Update any references to the measure panel to measurements in your code.

Find and replace


RTStructure Set has transitioned from VTK actors to SVG.

We have transitioned from VTK-based rendering to SVG-based rendering for RTStructure Set contours. This change should not require any modifications to your codebase. We anticipate improved stability and speed in our contour rendering.

As a result of this update, viewports rendering RTStructure Sets will no longer convert to volume viewports. Instead, they will remain as stack viewports.

Read more in Pull Requests:


They now have new colors in their associated viewports in the MPR view. However, you can turn this feature off.

To disable it, remove the configuration from the initToolGroups in your mode.

configuration: {
viewportIndicators: true,
viewportIndicatorsConfig: {
circleRadius: 5,
xOffset: 0.95,
yOffset: 0.05,

External Libraries

Some libraries are loaded via dynamic import. You can provide a global function browserImport the allows loading of dynamic imports without affecting the webpack build. This import looks like:

function browserImportFunction(moduleId) {
return import(moduleId);

and belongs in the root html file for your application. You then need to remove dependencies on the external import, and add a reference to the external import in your pluginConfig.json file.

Example plugin config for dicom-microscopy-viewer

The example below imports the dicom-microscopy-viewer for use as an external dependency. The example is part of the default pluginConfig.json file.

  "public": [
"directory": "./platform/public"
"packageName": "dicom-microscopy-viewer",
"importPath": "/dicom-microscopy-viewer/dicomMicroscopyViewer.min.js",
"globalName": "dicomMicroscopyViewer",
"directory": "./node_modules/dicom-microscopy-viewer/dist/dynamic-import"

This defines two directory modules, whose contents are copied unchanged to the output build directory. It then defines the dicom-microscopy-viewer using the packageName element as being a module which is imported dynamically. Then, the import path passed into the browserImportFunction above is specified, and then how to access the import itself, via the window.dicomMicroscopyViewer global name reference.

Referencing External Imports

The appConfig either defines or has a default peerImport function which can be used to load references to the modules defined in the pluginConfig file. See the example in init.tsx for the cornerstone extension for how this is passed into CS3D for loading the whole slide imaging library.

Usage of Dynamic Imports

BulkDataURI Configuration

We've updated the configuration for BulkDataURI to provide more flexibility and control. This guide will help you migrate from the old configuration to the new one.

What's Changing?

useBulkDataURI: false,

Additional Notes:

  • The new configuration allows for more granular control over BulkDataURI behavior.
  • You can now add custom URL prefixing logic using the startsWith and prefixWith properties.
  • This change enables easier correction of retrieval URLs, especially in scenarios where URLs pass through multiple systems.

We have removed the script from the Viewer. If you require polyfills, you can add them to your project manually. This change primarily affects Internet Explorer, which Microsoft has already ended support for.

Dynamic Modules