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Throughout the development of the OHIF Viewer, we have participated in various conferences and "hackathons". In this page, we will provide the presentations and other resources that we have provided to the community in the past:


IMNO 2024 - March 19-20, 2024

We participated in the Imaging Network Ontario (ImNO) 2024 symposium, presenting three posters. One of our presentations received the best talk award during the session.

  • Advancing Medical Imaging on the Web: Implementation of Hanging Protocols for Automated Image Display Configuration in OHIF V3 Poster
  • Advancing Medical Imaging on the Web: Optimizing the Dicomweb Server Architecture with Static Dicomweb Poster
  • (🏆🏆 BEST PRESENTATION AWARD in the Session 7 Pitches: Devices, HW, SW Development 🏆🏆) Advancing Medical Imaging on the Web: Integrating High Throughput JPEG 2000 (HTJ2K) in Cornerstone3D for Streamlined Progressive Loading and Visualization Poster

ITCR 2023 Conference | September 11-13, 2023

Dr. Gordon Harris presented an update on OHIF in NCI Informatics Technology for Cancer Research Annual Meeting. You can find the slides and poster here: [Slides][Poster]

SIIM 2023 Tech Tools Webinar | April 12th, 2023

Free, Open Source Tools for Research: MONAI and OHIF Viewer [Slides][Video]

NA-MIC Project Week 38th 2023 - Remote

We participated in the 38th Project Week with three projects around OHIF. [Website]

  • PolySeg representations for OHIF Viewer (link)
  • Cross study synchronizer for OHIF Crosshair (link)
  • DATSCAN Viewer implementation in OHIF (link)


OHIF Demo to Interns


SIIM 2022 - Updates from the Imaging Informatics Community

We participated in the SIIM 2022 conference to give update for the imaging informatics community. [Slides] [Video]

The Imaging Network Ontario - Remote

The Imaging Network Ontario (ImNO) is an annual symposium that brings together medical imaging researchers and scientists from across Canada to share knowledge, ideas, and experiences. [Slides] [Video]

NA-MIC Project Week 36th 2022 - Remote

The Project Week is a week-long hackathon of hands-on activity in which medical image computing researchers. OHIF team participated and gave a talk on OHIF and Cornerstone in the 36th Project Week: [Slides] [Video]


NA-MIC Project Week 35th 2021 - Remote

The Project Week is a week-long hackathon of hands-on activity in which medical image computing researchers. OHIF team participated in the 35th Project Week in 2021. [Slides]

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI)

Project presentations and demonstrations of Essential Open Source Software for Science (EOSS) grantees [Slides] [Video]

Google Cloud Tech

Healthcare Imaging with Cloud Healthcare API [Video]



OHIF pitch for Informatics Technology for Cancer Research (ITCR) [Slides] [Video]


OHIF and VTK.js Training Course

OHIF and Kitware collaboration to create a training course for OHIF and VTK.js developers. Funding for this work was provided by Kitware (NIH NINDS R44NS081792, NIH NINDS R42NS086295, NIH NIBIB and NIGMS R01EB021396, NIH NIBIB R01EB014955), Isomics (NIH P41 EB015902), and Massachusetts General Hospital (NIH U24 CA199460).

  1. Introduction to VTK.js and OHIF [Slides][Video]
  2. Developing with VTK.js [Slides][Video]
  3. VTK.js Architecture and Tooling [Slides][Video]
  4. OHIF + VTK.js Integration [Slides][Video]


Lesion Tracker

LesionTracker: Extensible Open-Source Zero-Footprint Web Viewer for Cancer Imaging Research and Clinical Trials. This project was supported in part by grant U24 CA199460 from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Informatics Technology for Cancer Research (ITCR) Program. [Video]

OHIF Community Meeting - June



Imaging Community Call

Open Source Oncology Web Viewer; Presentation by Gordon J. Harris [Slides]

OHIF Community Meeting - June


OHIF Community Meeting - September